London MCM Comic Con Oct. 2016

This is a roundup of all the fun things that were going on at MCM Comic Con in London. I went there to meet other Earpers and to visit my first big Con. I could have gone to one in Germany, but I actually prefer to be in an English speaking context when it’s about comics and the opportunity for a meet up was just to tempting.

I spent the friday and saturday with Hannah (@EarpSista) who was there all on her own like me. Which meant she also had to deal with my overly excited behavior about basically everything, but especially the cosplay. I’ll try to put things into a chronological order and keep them short, because otherwise this will be pages of detailed cosplay and comics descriptions.


On Friday I started my journey at 4am in Berlin to get my flight at 6:30am. I didn’t manage to go to Con until midday because I had to pick up the parcel I send my gun prop in (in pieces) to a friend. Since my shotgun prop still needed assembling I decided for a casual fanshirt and hoodie for friday. They where both of the great Khaos Komix by Tab Kimpton. He has opened my door into the world of queer webcomics: You should totally check out his work, I highly recommend the Minority Monsters. I had the possibility of speaking to Tab later on that day and I totally behaved like a starstruck teenager or at least I felt that way. I even gave him the first ever printed copy of my queer web comic Vamp&Lamp Private Investigators. But instead of saying what I had rehearsed in my head about how important the Khaos Komix were for me, I stuck to comic small talk. Maybe next time.

Hannah and me hit the Con and where amazed by the amount of cosplayers. We had the feeling that almost everyone was in costume (ok not everyone, but so many people!). I saw so many characters that I recognised and that I loved, but that was when my puppy brain took over and switched from one amazing thing to another every second. During that I lost orientation, even thought the con space was not that huge. Hannah wanted to go to one of the so called “theaters” for a panel about writing web series and with my attention span and Hannahs sense of direction we got lost.  We still made it there in time, but not without taking a detour through the Manga and Anime village. The Panel was not that exciting, since all the panelists where white men, only the moderation was a women of colour. One sentence stuck in my head: “Believe me we don’t know what we are doing.” Only I white men can say this in this industry and still be taken seriously, well except for Emily Andras, she would totally say that.


Hannah, Emily and Jolly Friday evening

The rest of the evening was not that eventful, we made our way through the con space getting a bit of a sense of orientation back. I wanted to buy something

fluffy before we left and that’s how we ended up with the alpaca that was named Emily by Hannah. The salesperson was very talented I almost ended up with two grumpy cats and an alpaca. Quote: “You know why she is grumpy? because you don’t want to take her home.”

After an odyssey through London I got to a friends place and started assembling the last parts of my cosplay at 11pm. Knowing that I wanted to meet Hannah at 9:30am next morning, because we both had priority entry tickets and could get in earlier.


Saturday morning I got all my cosplay gear and made my way to the Excel center in the docklands area (that where the con took place). I was afraid about travelling the tube in a military like cosplay but since I probably was white enough and I had the gun prop in a plastic bag, nothing happened.

In the train i saw someone cosplaying Lexa and my heart melted, I almost cried and I was not sure if it was because of grief of joy. I wanted to take a picture with her later, but then I lost her when we left the train. Which was ironic and tragic. I didn’t shut up about Lexa for the rest of the day and Hannah got the worst of it.

There where still a few hours until the Earper meetup and Hannah became the official BBD photographer, for pictures of other cosplayers together with my BBD agent cosplay. Also Saturday was by far the busiest day. In some areas you could just follow the stream of people.

We spend a fair amount of our time just sitting outside watching other peoples cosplay. Like the volleyball teams from the anime series “Nina” actually playing volleyball. We saw a sith and a jedi in a pretty good mock fight and one of my favorite memories was the group picture of 30 soldiers and other characters from “Resident Evil”(no zombies though). But Lexa was nowhere to be seen.

I also discovered that independent comic village (that’s how I call it, it probably has an official name), where I got a few pretty cool self published comics. I made sure that almost all of them where female centered and I will write reviews of them in a different blog post.

Later on it was time for the Earper Meetup and we thought that we would end up being 3 or 4 people. But we ended up being 5! Earpers because #Wayhaught showed up unexpected.


shoutout to Lucy’s Wynonna leather jacket!


Hannah leaving and still no Lexa

We had a great time bonding over Wynonna Earp and about no one but the Earpers recognizing our cosplay. The meetup was what motivated me to come to the London Comic Con in the first place and it did not disappoint. Only five of us have been at this historic meeting and we all got cool Earper pins (and a coke) from Hannah. We missed Dana (@UKEarpers) though. After the meetup our ways parted. Hannah couldn’t be there for Sunday anymore. This cosplayer expressed my feelings about that so well.




Sunday I had a lazy last Con day. Just buying a few things for friends and myself. My Naruto obsession got the worst of me, not just merch wise. I tried to get a picture of every Naruto character cosplay I saw. Which ended in this collection.

I was about to leave the con, when i happend. I met someone cosplaying Lexa. Which made me borderline ecstatic. I stopped a random guy to take a picture with her and we had a very cool conversation about queerness in media and she revealed that she was an Earper as well. Because who can resist the draw of Wayhaught anyway. The talk was great but my feelings were a bit confusing, because every time meeting a cosplayer I feel like meeting the character, which made me develop a mini crush on a few people, but especially the two Lexas (so if any of my future partners finds this blog, you know whom to cosplay for our con date 😉 ) During all that excitement I forgot to the name of “Lexa”, but gave her the address of the blog. (If you read this Lexa and you would want you name/ twitter/ tumblr referenced here, message me 🙂 ) .

After that I left the Con and it couldn’t have ended better. (I fist bumped Lexa, that’s a live goal).

The weekend was exhausting but I wouldn’t change a thing (well maybe me hunting a key through half of london). Meeting other Earpers and being with comic and manga freaks for a whole weekend made me so happy. I couldn’t stop grinning. For once I was not the only one in my surrounding knowing all the characters of weird TV shows and animes. I was not the only one who loved to see people of all genders and skin colours and sizes dress up as their versions of their favorite characters and superheroes. Thanks to everyone who made this such a great weekend, especially Hannah who put up with my craziness and overexcitement. I still remember the time when they told me that meeting strange people from the internet was very dangerous, dangerously fun, maybe. 😉 I’ll leave you with a few more cosplay pictures.

May we meet again Earpers

I am sure we will

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